25 Movies We Can't Wait to See at Sundance 2017

From Grateful Dead and Gawker docs to Cate Blanchett's 13-role history lesson, the must-see titles at this year's prestigious Park City film fest

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A true find in the fest's World Documentary section, this you-are-there look at a sweatshop in India drops the Dateline-style docmaking format and simply lets viewers step into the employees' tattered shoes. Gliding his cameras through filthy factory floors and past asleep-on-their-feet kids in the middle of 16-hour shifts, filmmaker Rahul Jain primarily lets the images do the talking; occasional testimonies from migrant workers, many of whom traveled hundreds of miles to secure jobs, break up mesmerizing long shots of men manning machinery. It's both hypnotic and horrifying, in addition to speaking volumes about industrial-labor world while barely saying a world. 

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