25 Movies We Can't Wait to See at Sundance 2017

From Grateful Dead and Gawker docs to Cate Blanchett's 13-role history lesson, the must-see titles at this year's prestigious Park City film fest

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Urban paranoia, natural disasters, cameos by George Clinton and Tim Heidecker, what we're told are "stomach-churning" special effects – would you expect anything less from the directorial debut of Steven Ellison, a.k.a. the truly warped musician known as Flying Lotus? Set in an earthquake ravaged Hell-Ay where random TVs blast various visual flotsam and jetsam, this hodge-podge of nightmare fodder sounds like the dictionary definition of a midnight movie. Lotus himself tweeted out that this was "the movie that scared Dave Chappelle's manager"; he also solicited a craftsman who specialized in "mutant bukkake" for the movie on social media. Brace yourself.

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