25 Greatest Punk Rock Movies of All Time

From U.K.-to-L.A. scene rockumentaries to riot-grrl portraits and the Ramones' fictional alma mater, our favorite portrayals of punk on screen

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15. 'My Degeneration' (1990)

Underground filmmaker/art terrorist Jon Moritsugu reimagines a rise-and-fall showbiz narrative as a scuzzy, 16mm skullfuck opus set in the lo-fi punk world, as an all-female trio named Bunny-Love makes it big, become pawns of the Beef Industry and one of its members falls in love with a rotting pig's head. Bands like Vomit Launch and Bongwater grace the soundtrack, while the movie's unholy trinity blast noise as well as slogans and sellout angst (Nirvana's Nevermind chart dominance was still a year away). Many movies have been made about punk rock. This movie feels like punk rock: dirty, angry, righteous, handmade, exhilarating. DF

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