25 Best Modern Exploitation Movies

From sex-and-violence revenge flicks to blaxploitation spaghetti Westerns, meet the new grindhouse classics

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20. 'The Devil's Rejects' (2005)

Subgenres: Mansonploitation, Outlawsploitation, Hillbillysploitation, Clownsploitation
Rob Zombie's cinematic output seems predicated on creating a sort of K-Tel's Grungy Flicks of the Seventies compilation, and his movies sometimes feel like their one baby-step away from being Grindhouse Karaoke 101. When he's on point, however — as in this tale of a serial-killer family and the redneck sheriff who's pursuing them — the rocker-turned-sleazeuteur can make you feel like you're watching a genuine drive-in movie from the Carter era. Riffing on everything from Last House on the Left-style roughies to couple-on-the-run quickies, this sequel to Zombie's House of 1000 Corpses is superior in every way. And any film that puts exploitation icon Sid Haig in John Wayne Gacy-style clown makeup is fine by us. DF

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