25 Best Coen Brother Characters

From Barton Fink to the Dude, counting down Joel and Ethan's craziest, most unforgettable creations

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12. Larry Gopnik ('A Serious Man')

The brothers went Old Testament for their story about a cosmically beleaguered physics professor in Sixties Minnesota, and that makes Larry Gopnik the Job of suburbia. His wife leaves him for the eminently punchable Sy Ableman; one of his students tries to blackmail him; his brother loses his mind; and then things to start to get really bad. Unraveling before our eyes, Larry draws closer to God with every misfortune, but none of the rabbis he seeks for advice are able to tell him the one thing he needs to hear: If you're going to believe in God, it helps to laugh at his jokes. Just look at the parking lot, Larry. DE

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