25 Best Coen Brother Characters

From Barton Fink to the Dude, counting down Joel and Ethan's craziest, most unforgettable creations

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13. Jesus Quintana ('The Big Lebowski')

There are incredible movie entrances, and then there's the intro that John Turturro's Big Lebowski character gets: A hip-swinging, bowling-ball-licking victory jig set to the Gypsy Kings' version of "Hotel California." In a movie filled with kooks, freaks and SoCal oddballs, this purple-suited pederast is the most outrageous character in the Coens' wake-and-bake noir, and yes, we are counting the nihilists as well. Somehow, Turturro even turns this nutty villain into a sympathetic figure, despite the fact that he's a trash-talker and a registered sex offender. But whether you think Mr. Quintana contains multitudes or is simply a reprobate, one this is certain. Nobody fucks with the Jesus. Nobody. DF

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