20 Stars Who've Never Won Oscars

From Samuel L. Jackson to Marilyn Monroe, the Hollywood legends who've been routinely dissed by the Academy

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Marilyn Monroe
Everett Collection12/20

Marilyn Monroe

Quick, what's the ultimate shorthand image for classic Hollywood? Okay, after Charlie Chaplin's tramp. Right, it's Marilyn Monroe's skirt blowing up in The Seven Year Itch. Despite exploiting her likeness in every cheap cineplex mural, the movie industry has given her no respect. If you think she was just curves filling out a dress, check out her comic timing in Bus Stop and (especially) Some Like It Hot. Better yet, rewatch The Misfits, which will break your heart in two. That the Academy can continue to put on their pageant each year without offering up some posthumous recognition is an outrage.

Nominations: Nothing. Nothing!!
Should Have Won For: The Misfits.
Maybe This Is All Punishment For: Those Kennedy rumors.

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