20 Stars Who've Never Won Oscars

From Samuel L. Jackson to Marilyn Monroe, the Hollywood legends who've been routinely dissed by the Academy

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Alan Rickman
Everett Collection16/20

Alan Rickman

Before Die Hard, many serious thespians might have rolled their eyes at playing of a crazed terrorist in an action picture. After Die Hard, they wisely recognized it was an opportunity to steal every scene. Alan Rickman was more than a villain, though. He was wonderful at drawing room comedies, in romances and tweaking sci-fi in the cult masterpiece Galaxy Quest. Good Lord, would Tumblr even exist without Severus Snape?

Nominations: Nothing.
Should Have Won For: By Grabthar's Hammer, it should have been Galaxy Quest.
Maybe This Is All Punishment For: Kevin Smith's Dogma.

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