20 Must-See Movies to Catch at SXSW 2017

From Charlize Theron kicking ass to music docs, midnight movies and the making of 'The Room' – what to see at the Austin-based film fest

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'The Challenge'

'The Challenge'

Ever wonder what it would be like to tag along with Qatar's billionaires on a weekend-long falconing competition? Italian filmmaker Yuri Ancarani's free-form doc drops you headfirst into a world of men filled with private jets, pet leopards riding shotgun in Lamborghinis and an obsession with the ancient art of predatory bird-taming that borders on mania. If The Eagle Huntress made falconing seem like a noble tradition and a rural cultural heritage, this extraordinary portrait shows the decadent, 1-percent-of-the-1-percent side of the hobby. And you will probably not see a better-looking nonfiction film during the fest.

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