20 Must-See Movies to Catch at SXSW 2017
From Charlize Theron kicking ass to major music docs and a new Terrence Malick drama – 20 must-see movies to catch at the 2017 SXSW Film Festival.

Film-geek auteur projects, psychotronic fanboy-friendly blockbusters, over-the-top midnight movies, under-the-radar indie dramas and more music documentaries than you can shake a D.A. Pennebraker-approved stick at – the annual SXSW Film Festival (kicking off on March 10th) has always specialized in a sort of eclectic, lo-fi-meets-high-art-for-a-Shiner-Bock vibe when it comes to their programming. And this year is no different: You can dip into docs on David Lynch, West Coast hip-hop, Baltimore pest-control and Internet outlaws. Or check out a Big Star & Friends concert movie. Or watch Charlize Theron kick ass. There's even a poignant character study of a small-town ape. Here are 20 films that attendees should consider must-sees, and that the rest of us not heading to Austin should keep our eyes peeled for.