20 Movies We Can't Wait to See at Tribeca Film Festival 2018

From Australian zombie thrillers to docs on everything from Ed Sheeran to Air Jordans – our picks for the downtown NYC film fest

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'The Man Who Stole Banksy'
Marco Proserpio8/20

'The Man Who Stole Banksy'

It's one thing to see a news report on street-art superstar Banksy's antiauthoritarian murals scrawled on Israel's West Bank wall; it's a whole other thing to go on eBay and find out you could purchase one of them, concrete chunk and all. Italian filmmaker Marco Proserpio looks at both the art-world agent provocateur's 2012 campaign to bring awareness to the plight of Palestinians via graffiti and the man known as "Walid the Beast," a buffed-out taxi driver who engineered the "liberation" of one such piece and attempted to get rich off of it. It's a social-issues doc, an international heist flick and a cracked local-eccentric-makes-good portrait all in one! DF

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