20 Movies We Can't Wait to See at Tribeca Film Festival 2018

From Australian zombie thrillers to docs on everything from Ed Sheeran to Air Jordans – our picks for the downtown NYC film fest

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'Nico, 1988'

'Nico, 1988'

"I've been on the top, I've been on the bottom – both places are empty," says Christa Päffgen, though you probably know her by her mono-monikered stage name: Nico. Italian filmmaker Susanna Nicchiarelli's biopic picks up the former Velvet Underground-er/icy chanteuse as she's closer to the second location, rasping her way through late-act concerts and trying to make sure her dope-addicted son can get cleaned up. Danish actress Trine Dyrholm plays the icon with a bone-deep world-weariness that's both comic and unbearably tragic. (She also nails the singer's signature monotone, plus her manic take on "My Heart Is Empty" is a showstopper.) We know how this story ends, but the movie makes Nico's last days feel both a celebration of her work and a freshly reopened wound. DF 

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