20 Movies We Can't Wait to See at Tribeca Film Festival 2018

From Australian zombie thrillers to docs on everything from Ed Sheeran to Air Jordans – our picks for the downtown NYC film fest

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Geoffrey Simpson2/20


Something has happened in Australia – something that's caused normal people to turn into pus-spewing, flesh-craving zombies. A man (The Hobbit's Martin Freeman), his wife and their baby girl wander the outback in search of sustenance, shelter and safety. Then the epidemic takes Mom out of the picture, and Dad has to fend off wackadoo survivalists, rabid ghouls and other postapocalytic perils in order to keep his offspring out of harm's way? And did we mention that he's also been bitten, and must keep his growing my-doesn't-that-infant-look-delicious impulses in check? Like A Quiet Place, Ben Howling and Yolanda Ramke's addition to the beware-the-infected subgenre doubles nicely as a parental paranoia parable. It also gives Freeman a lovely showcase for his talent, as he cycles through caring, cautious and reluctantly carnivorous modes. DF

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