20 Movies We Can't Wait to See at Tribeca Film Festival 2018

From Australian zombie thrillers to docs on everything from Ed Sheeran to Air Jordans – our picks for the downtown NYC film fest

'Bathtubs Over Broadway'
Steve Young 1/20

'Bathtubs Over Broadway'

One of the fest's quirkiest films finds Late Night With David Letterman writer Steve Young becoming an unintentional vinyl cratedigger when he stumbles upon a record for an "industrial musical" – a "Wait, huh?" subgenre involving corporations like McDonalds and DuPont putting on lavish musicals for their employees. No, the productions were never meant to be seen or heard by the public; yes, companies made vinyl records of the show for souvenirs. It's a chronicle of an obsessive quest to compile an unknown history that combines a music nerd’s love of esoterica with a detective's love of following leads down interesting detours. Think your Beatles butcher cover is special? Go find a used copy of The Bathrooms Are Coming! and we'll talk. JN