20 Movies We Can't Wait to See at SXSW 2018

From a definitive doc on Lynyrd Skynyrd to lo-fi sci-fi thrillers, everything you need to see at the Austin, Texas film fest

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'Operation Odessa'
International Fugitive Nelson Tony Yester14/20

'Operation Odessa'

Stop us if you've heard this one before: A Miami hotshot, a Moscow-based gangster and a Cuban spy decide to team up for what seems like a lucrative deal with some friends of Pablo Escobar. The goal: to procure a Russian submarine for the Colombian Cartel so they can move cocaine better. The big question: "Do you want the submarine with missiles or without missiles?" (Which is ridiculous, because really, who wants a sub without missiles?!) This documentary on one of the more audacious criminal cases of the 20th century – which became dubbed "Operation Odessa" by the customs agents, Feds and law-enforcement task force members trying to bust this holy trinity – details every holy-shit-are-you-kidding twist and turn of what truly sounds like a stranger-than-fiction scam.

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