20 Movies We Can't Wait to See at SXSW 2018

From a definitive doc on Lynyrd Skynyrd to lo-fi sci-fi thrillers, everything you need to see at the Austin, Texas film fest

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'A Quiet Place'
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'A Quiet Place'

A man (director John Krasinski), a woman (Emily Blunt) and two kids (including Wonderstruck's Millicent Simmonds) have somehow managed to survive some sort of genuinely awful, earth-shattering event. How do they manage to avoid whatever it is out there that's lurking about in the postapocalyptic landscape, you ask? Well, they forage among abandoned townships, maintain a vigilant watch on the outside – and stay very, very quiet. Right, so what if one of them does make a sound? Did we mention this is a horror film? If this largely dialogue-free opening-night selection is half as tense as its trailer, we expect the audience to make up for all that silence with a shitload of screaming.

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