20 Greatest Best Song Oscar Performances

From Springsteen to Southern hip-hop and hot-buttered soul, Oscars' grandest, grooviest musical showstoppers

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3. Robin Williams, 'Blame Canada' (1999)

Thanks to one of the most unlikely nominations in the history of the Academy Awards, South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut's foul-mouthed ode to our neighbors to the North would be performed live for a crowd of millions — the question was, what to do with the repeated uses of the word "fuck"? Luckily, a galloping chorus gasped whenever Robin Williams hit the curse word (with the comedian strategically turning and mouthing the phrase). He did yelp "and that bitch Ann Murray, too!" with glee, however, while surrounded by a dance line of scantily clad women dressed as mounties. When the song lost to Phil Collins' "You'll Be in My Heart," Trey Parker and Matt Stone later parodied the singer in a South Park episode the following year (and an Oscar eventually gets stuck up Collins' butt). JP

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