20 Greatest Best Song Oscar Performances

From Springsteen to Southern hip-hop and hot-buttered soul, Oscars' grandest, grooviest musical showstoppers

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12. Elton John, 'Can You Feel the Love Tonight' (1995)

Only Elton John could take a song about cartoon lions fucking and turn it into a power ballad for the ages — the simple but spectacular rendition he delivered at the 1995 Oscars was a reminder of why he's one of a kind. "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" became a kitschy earworm as soon as The Lion King hit theaters, but a quick listen to this note-perfect performance is enough to remind you that the track is even bigger than the movie itself. Watching John sit at the piano and fill every inch of the cavernous auditorium with his studio-ready vocals, it's clear that this Disney tune will always belong to the man who sang it. DE

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