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'Stop Making Sense' (1984)

The Talking Heads had completely deconstructed the rock concert on their 1983 tour: punk expats using Off-Broadway production values to transform a bare stage, a suit that keeps getting bigger, a love song crooned to a lamp and some of the most expressively awkward contortions to be understood by a cheering crowd as "dancing." The power of the tour's document – inarguably one of the greatest and most collaborative concert movies ever made – is in Demme's gleeful rip-it-up-and-start-again joy in demolishing the "rock movie." Instead of fretwork and crowd interplay, the director focuses on feet, faces, shadows and booming Kubrick-esque shots of the entire stage where the nine-member crew prances around like ants. It's both weirdly intimate and weirdly alienating, a perfect way to shoot a band interpreting human existence through buildings and highways. "Same as it ever was"? Hardly. CW