20 Best, Worst and Most WTF Moments of Oscars 2018

From Kimmel's monologue to deserved wins (and unfortunate shut-outs), the highlights, low points and headscratchers from last night's Oscars

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WTF: That Trippy, Who-Dropped-LSD-in-My-Drink Set Design
Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP/REX/Shutterstock3/20

WTF: That Trippy, Who-Dropped-LSD-in-My-Drink Set Design

"Aren't these sets great? They're just like the Orgasmatron in Barbarella," Jane Fonda joked after she'd navigated her way through the elaborate gauntlet of this year's Oscar set. We see what she means: from the elaborate Frozen-ice-capades-on-steroids proscenium arch to the giant sparkly bicycle spokes the presenters had to navigate their way through, the ceremony's sets were both bizarrely opulent and worryingly pointy. Not to mention confusing; just when we'd gotten used to the bicycle spoke gauntlet, the backdrop suddenly morphed into the red room from Moulin Rouge. "For those who say we're all out-of-touch Hollywood elites," Jimmy Kimmel said, "I'll have you know that each of the 45 million Swarovski crystals on this stage tonight represents humility." We just hope no one poked their eye out backstage. JS

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