20 Best Things We Saw and Heard at San Diego Comic-Con 2015

From a jaw-dropping 'Star Wars' tease to a cosplaying congressman — the creme de la Con

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Go East, Grant Morrison
Dave Maass19/20

Go East, Grant Morrison

Morrison — a writer who helped usher in a darker, smarter age of mainstream comics in the Nineties — told a crowd of 2,600 that he's done all he can with traditional superheroes. He's sick of the "military entertainment complex," in which today's characters always seem to be working for the government (see: the Avengers). So, the Scot journeyed to the east and came back with a deal with Graphic India to publish two new series featuring radiant, blue mythic superwarriors following uniquely Indian storylines. It's hard to imagine a better way to start the con (and consider the scale of the imaginations involved here) than an announcement that both titles — Avatarex and 18 Days — are available for immediate download as part of a name-your-price bundle. DM

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