20 Best Things We Saw and Heard at San Diego Comic-Con 2015

From a jaw-dropping 'Star Wars' tease to a cosplaying congressman — the creme de la Con

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'Ash vs Evil Dead': Return of the Boom Stick
Dave Maass9/20

'Ash vs Evil Dead': Return of the Boom Stick

Some 23 years after Army of Darkness hit drive-ins, creators Sam and Ivan Raimi revealed that the Deadite-slayer's new TV show starts on Halloween. Currently in production for Starz, Ash v. Evil Dead will be 10 half-hour episodes, filled with the kind of comedic carnage that requires five varieties of fake blood and a contraption to spray it from Ash's chainsaw blade. Star Bruce Campbell strode onto stage wearing a suit so red, baboons would want to do filthy things with it. The panel was performance art from the get-go, with the Raimis and co-star Lucy Lawless acting like they couldn't stand their jackass leading man. By the end, Campbell was tucking greasy dollars into an audience member's bra for conveniently winning an "Ash" cosplay contest. DM

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