20 Best Movies and Performances at Sundance 2018

From a sexual-abuse survivor's tale to a bone-chilling ghost story, broad social satires to free-form docs, the highlights of this year's fest

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Kayli Carter, 'Private Life'

Kayli Carter, 'Private Life'

After an 11-year absence from the screen, writer-director Tamara Jenkins follows up 2007's The Savages with the story of a West Village couple (Paul Giamatti and Kathyrn Hahn) experiencing a series of late-act fertility fails. Both are wonderful per usual, but the person you should keep your eye on Kaylis Carter, the twentysomething actor who plays the twosome's niece. Best known as Sadie Rose from Netflix's Western series Godless, Carter plays this college dropout as one part entitled spoiled kid, one part wide-eyed creative type basking in the big city and several parts headfirst crusader high on her own righteousness. She thinks nothing of blithely reminding her hosts of their age and "complimenting" then on choosing boho struggling over mainstream riches. And when her character offers to be an egg donor for Hahn, Carter adds a desperate-to-please element into the mix that casually breaks your heart.

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