20 Best Movies and Performances at Sundance 2018

From a sexual-abuse survivor's tale to a bone-chilling ghost story, broad social satires to free-form docs, the highlights of this year's fest

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Dominique Fishback and Tatum Marilyn Hall, 'Night Comes On'

Dominique Fishback and Tatum Marilyn Hall, 'Night Comes On'

18-year-old Angel has just been released from prison, in search of her ex-con dad so she can make him pay for murdering her mom; her 11-year-old sister, Abby, has been waiting for her sibling to rescue her from endless foster-care hell. Actress-turned-director Jordana Spiro's drama starts out as a revenge story and turns into a road movie – and it's impossible to emphasize how much these two young performers bring to the table here. The Deuce's Dominque Fishback plays the older girl as cagey and cautious, yet hellbent on caring for her even as she's determined to settle an age-old score; Tatum Marilyn Hall turns the tween into a tough cookie who isn't afraid to call Angel out on her shit. The rapport between the two of them, especially when they hit the pause button and spend a day at the beach together, couldn't feel more heartfelt, or right on.

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