20 Best Movies and Performances at Sundance 2018

From a sexual-abuse survivor's tale to a bone-chilling ghost story, broad social satires to free-form docs, the highlights of this year's fest

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Andrea Riseborough, 'Nancy'

Andrea Riseborough, 'Nancy'

The British actress Andrea Riseborough was everywhere this year at Sundance, showing up to the fest with no less than four films. (She was still a close second to Ann Dowd, who – and we need to double-check our math on this – was in roughly six million movies playing in the 2018 lineup.) It was Christina Choe's dramatic-competition entry, however, that gave her the meatiest role: a New Jersey woman who believes she may be the long-lost abductee daughter of a well-to-do couple (J. Smith-Cameron and Steve Buscemi). We're never sure whether she's conning these two folks or genuinely thinks/hopes she is their offspring, given her own contentious upbringing; she may be a pathological liar, a person who thinks she's helping them get over their decades-long loss or just another lost soul in search of kindness. And it's to Riseborough's credit that no concrete answer ever emerges; her performance consistently makes you rethink your opinion of her as things progress. All of that, and she still hits every emotional beat like a champ. Beyond impressive.

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