20 Best Eighties-Gone-Wild Party Movies

From sex-obsessed nerds to a near-naked Tom Cruise, the craziest teen comedies of the Reagan era

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17. 'Losin' It' (1983)

This was an early launching pad for stars Tom Cruise and Shelley Long, not to mention L.A. Confidential filmmaker Curtis Hanson. But the film's exploits, about some horny bros heading to Mexico for sex and adventure, convinced Cruise he needed to branch out creatively. ("I decided after Losin' It, I only wanted to work with the best people," he later said.) Still, this is an action-packed lark, complete with car chases, food fights and bar brawls, and Jackie Earle Haley's Sinatra-loving hipster lends a little Rat Pack energy to the proceedings.

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