19 Burning Questions for Sundance 2014

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Which Music Feature Will Rock Hardest?
Daniel McFadden2/19

Which Music Feature Will Rock Hardest?

A handful of films this year explore the dark side of the arts, but which one will make you dance? Whiplash, which premiered as a short at last year's festival, follows a 19-year-old drummer Andrew (Miles Teller) who is so driven he practices until his hands bleed. Low Down starring Elle Fanning tells the story of jazz pianist Joe Albany and his struggles with addiction in 1970s Hollywood. And Frank follows a young man so intimidated by his new pop band that he wears a giant plastic head as a shield. Meanwhile, in Rudderless, William H. Macy follows a father who becomes a musician after the death of his son. The less tortured contenders are Song One, a look at the Brooklyn music scene with Anne Hathaway, and Memphis, which centers on musician/poet Willis Earl Beale's path of self-discovery in the old blues city.

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