19 Burning Questions for Sundance 2014

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Which 'Mad Men' Vet Will Have the Best Sundance?
Doug Emmett6/19

Which 'Mad Men' Vet Will Have the Best Sundance?

In April, the final season of Mad Men will begin and the cast we've grown to love will have to outgrow the roles that made them stars. Last year, Elisabeth Moss (Peggy) began her transition at Sundance with the premiere of her Jane Campion miniseries Top of the Lake. This year, she hits the big screen twice with starring roles in the marriage drama The One I Love (opposite Mark Duplass) and the New York literary romance Listen Up Phillip (opposite Jason Schwartzman). John Slattery (Roger) earned his first directing credits on Mad Men as a director of several of the show's finest episodes. Now he's making his directorial debut with the blue-collar crime flick God's Pocket and a cast any director would die for: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Richard Jenkins, John Turturro, and, yes, Roger's favorite redhead, Joanie (Christina Hendricks).

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