19 Burning Questions for Sundance 2014

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What's With the Crazy Sex Films?
Majestic Filmverleih4/19

What's With the Crazy Sex Films?

What is an indie film festival without wild copulation? Wetlands ups the ante with the body fluid obsessed Helen, who lands in the hospital after an intimate shaving accident only to seduce a male nurse with her nasty talk. Meanwhile, The Foxy Merkins follows Margaret, a luckless lesbian hooker in training, who meets Jo, a heterosexual with a knack for picking up ladies. Together they set out to seduce women of all walks. And in Love is Strange, long-time pair Ben (John Lithgow) and George (Alfred Molina) finally marry. When George gets fired from the Catholic school where he works, they have to split up between friends apartments – where things get even trickier.

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