19 Burning Questions for Sundance 2014

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Can Aubrey Plaza Take Necrophilia Mainstream?
Greg Smith18/19

Can Aubrey Plaza Take Necrophilia Mainstream?

Deadpan Parks and Recreation star Aubrey Plaza seemed like she was on the verge of a megaplex break-out with The To-Do List. Then there was that odd MTV awards-show appearance in which she appeared to be bombed – and then her film literally bombed, becoming one of the biggest flops of 2013. Now she's back for another spin, starring in the dramatic competition's weirdest film. In Life After Beth, directed by her boyfriend Jeff Baena, Plaza attempts to top the zom-com Warm Bodies by playing an undead (and nasty looking) lover who comes back from the grave and makes her boyfriend (Dane DeHaan) fall in love all over again.

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