15 Must-See Movies at Tribeca Film Festival 2015

From DJ AM and 'SNL' docs to a hardboiled Hollywood thriller, these are the NYC fest pics you need to catch

Ewan McNicol1/15


Though its name sounds like a horror movie setting waiting to happen, the small town of Uncertain, Texas, is just a little burg on the border of Louisiana, full of lost souls trying to do better and who depend on the town's marshy lake for their survival. Then a mysterious, invasive weed starts to dry up the water and choke out the wildlife, and the region's future is threatened in some fairly unexpected ways. The good ol' boys in the film — a down-on-his luck twentysomething with a drinking problem, an elderly African American river guide, a recovering addict oddly consumed by pig hunting — initially seem straight from the casting agency that brought you Deliverance. But the residents stand for more than just the sum of their parts, and Uncertain turns into an illuminating peek into the forgotten corners of rural America — one that, incidentally, also contains some valuable hog-skinning pointers. CD

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