15 Great Movies You May Have Missed in 2015

From a French EDM film to a single-shot heist thriller — the year's can't-miss movies you need to see

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'I'll See You in My Dreams'

'I'll See You in My Dreams'

You could be forgiven for thinking this tender, delicate tale of a seventysomething widow was simply an indie variation on the current wave of Oldsploitation, in which elderly people act like stinkers in the name of lazy laughs and lazier sympathy (see Youth, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel movies, etc). But despite the requisite old-biddies-smoking-dope scene, co-writer/director Brett Haley is much more interested in exploring what makes his autumnal heroine tick than picking low-hanging fruit. And what Blythe Danner does with this role is a gift to both her filmmaker and audiences — a nuanced, bone-deep take on late-in-life opening up to the world after years of closing yourself off. Attention must be paid.

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