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15 Films We Can't Wait to See at Tribeca Film Festival 2016

From a punk comedy starring Green Day's frontman to a 'Ghostbusters' doc, our picks for the downtown NYC film fest

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'My Scientology Movie'
Flat Creek Films Ltd © BBC/BBCWorldwide3/15

'My Scientology Movie'

Gonzo British documentarian Louis Theroux, best known for immersing himself in niche subcultures such as white supremacists and porn stars, now aims his sardonic glare at Scientologists. Knowing he won’t be granted access to the religion's top brass, Theroux auditions and recruits young actors to play the parts of high-level officials, including the church's leader David Miscavige, to re-enact past members' encounters. You've seen the straightforward, just-the-facts-ma'am verité take on the evils this organization is capable of; now check out the mondo bizarro version. JN

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