15 Best Oscars Lineups of All Time

Looking back at the Academy Awards' most rock-solid 'Murderers' Row' nominee rosters

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Best Supporting Actor, 1989

Best Supporting Actor, 1989

Danny Aiello (Do the Right Thing), Dan Aykroyd (Driving Miss Daisy), Marlon Brando (A Dry White Season), Martin Landau (Crimes and Misdemeanors), Denzel Washington (Glory - winner)

Icon-in-the-making Denzel Washington winning his first Academy Award (this was his second nomination). Actors of a certain age Danny Aiello and Martin Landau handing in searing performances in arguably the best movies from two of the best directors New York ever produced. (Feel free to slap an asterisk on Woody Allen, of course.) Throw in a nod for SNL veteran Aykroyd and star-turned-supernova Brando and you have one of the widest-ranging slates in Oscar history.

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