15 Best Movies and Performances of 2017 Sundance Film Festival

From fringe-movement docs to a baker's dozen of Cate Blanchetts – these were the films and unforgettable turns that made our festival

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'Long Strange Trip'

'Long Strange Trip'

It's easy to make a documentary on the Sixties psychedelic warriors/grandfathers of the jam-band scene that would appeal to Deadheads. But constructing a portrait that places the cult group as the logical logical expression of a musical endgame and fellow travelers looking for a bohemian connection in the brokedown palace of modern America, one that also appeals to the unconverted? That's an achievement. Amir Bar-Lev's four-hour look into the rock legends has plenty of greatest-hits moments to keep the tie-dyed twirl-dancing, but fan service takes a backseat to charting the Dead's ups, downs and way, way downs – especially Garcia's evolution from beatnik to reluctant countercultural messiah to a prisoner of fame.

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