15 Best Movie Stoners of All Time

From Cheech and Chong to the Dude, the pantheon of screen potheads

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Pedro de Pacas and Anthony 'Man' Stoner, 'Up in Smoke' (1978)

Richard "Cheech Marin" and Tommy Chong already had a well-established stage act when they made the jump from hit albums to low-budget movies. Up in Smoke didn’t mess with a winning formula: Cheech stumbles into crazy schemes — like driving a van made of hardened hemp across the Mexican/U.S. border — while Chong’s unflappable airhead goes along for the ride. But it’s one thing to listen to the boys describe surreal drug-fueled adventures on vinyl, and another to actually see them smoke a giant joint filled with pot-laced dog-shit. This film and these characters established the standard for dope-crazy comedy. Just take a little deadpan patter, stir it into some broad slapstick, and bake it in a sweet marijuana haze. NM

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