15 Best Movie Stoners of All Time

From Cheech and Chong to the Dude, the pantheon of screen potheads

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Melanie Ralston, 'Jackie Brown' (1997)

A beach bunny gone to seed, Melanie is a blonde beauty with long tan legs, a free-love attitude and a  way of smoking a bowl that's undeniably intoxicating. As played by Bridget Fonda with sleepy eyes and a naughty smile, this Quentin Tarantino character is equal parts stoner and sassiness. When her boyfriend Ordell chastises Melanie that too much weed will sap her ambition, her response — "Not if your ambition is to get high and watch TV" — is punctuated with such a mischievous, knowing laugh that it makes her laidback lifestyle seem superior to any other. Especially if you can spend more time around her. TG

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