Food, Family and Psycho Turkeys: 12 Off-the-Wall Thanksgiving Movies

From dysfunctional dinners to killer birds, these films will make for some interesting post-feast viewing — or clear the room in a hurry

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'The Ice Storm' (1997)

Our nation's annual day of thanks is what brings the Hood family all together in Ang Lee's adaptation of Rick Moody's novel; it's also the inspiration for Cristina Ricci's smart-ass saying of grace, in which she expresses gratitude to our forefathers for killing all those Native Americans and thus allowing us to have this blessed holiday. But mostly, this movie belongs to the you-thought-your-family-was-dysfunctional category, in which we see a "typical" American household from the 1970s fall apart at the seams. Suddenly, hitting up that key party after a slice of pumpkin pie doesn't sound so appealing, does it?

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