Food, Family and Psycho Turkeys: 12 Off-the-Wall Thanksgiving Movies

From dysfunctional dinners to killer birds, these films will make for some interesting post-feast viewing — or clear the room in a hurry

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'The Godfather' (1972)

Really, any holiday is a great day to watch Francis Ford Coppola's epic about an independent entrepreneur in the olive oil trade and his son, a gentleman named Michael who goes into the family business. It's one of the few movies that everybody can agree on when it comes to time to pop something into the DVD player (though cover your nephew's eyes during the toll booth scene), its late-autumnal look evokes the season perfectly, and you won't find another film that puts a bigger emphasis on the importance of enjoying the company of your blood relations. "Because a man who doesn't spend time with his family can never be a real man," Don Corleone says. And who are we to argue with the Don?

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