12 Most Overlooked and Oddball Movies of 2014

From non-Hollywood action extravaganzas to hipster-vampire flicks, these movies flew under the radar — and rank among the year's best

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'The Raid 2: Berendal'

You can keep your big, bloated Hollywood blockbusters (except for Edge of Tomorrow, Doug Liman's stellar sci-fi version of Groundhog's Day that did everything absolutely right and somehow ended up getting the gas face from ticket buyers). We'll take Gareth Evans' steroidal riff on the crime thriller, in which a cop-vs-gangster story becomes an excuse for mondo set pieces involving beaucoup gunplay, car chases, mud-splattered prison riots, knife fights, and more beautifully choreographed fists-and-feet-of-fury combat than you can shake a third-degree black belt at. This is action cinema, turned up to 11.

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