12 Most Overlooked and Oddball Movies of 2014

From non-Hollywood action extravaganzas to hipster-vampire flicks, these movies flew under the radar — and rank among the year's best

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You can't really say that a movie that garnered a lot of press over how its patron, Harvey Weinstein, tried to impose his own cuts on it and how it became a VOD success story is "overlooked," really. But what usually got left out of those conversations was the way that South Korean director Bong Joon-ho created a postapocalyptic thriller from various spare parts and a graphic-novel source that still felt sui generis. And it certainly qualified as "oddball," with its class-war scenario played against the backdrop of an old Supertrain episode gone off the rails and a bucktoothed Tilda Swinton yelling about shoes in a thick Northern England accent. Don't even get us started about that showstopper involving night-vision goggles and axe-wielding gangs. It's more than just an example of someone beating Hollywood at its own slam-bang-spectacle game; Snowpiercer is the sort of burst of fantasy-filmmaking creativity that we need more of, period.

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