12 Most Overlooked and Oddball Movies of 2014

From non-Hollywood action extravaganzas to hipster-vampire flicks, these movies flew under the radar — and rank among the year's best

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'Only Lovers Left Alive'

Jim Jarmusch didn't have a lock on hipster vampires suffering from ennui and existential crises (see A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night), but the maestro of too-cool-for-film-school moodiness put his spin on the subgenre with this extraordinary tale of lovelorn bloodsuckers. Left to lounge among his collection of vintage guitars and rare vinyl, a centuries-old creature (Tom Hiddleston, never better) mopes around Detroit and pines for his soul mate (Tilda Swinton) a continent away. Cue references to Jack White's old house and Christopher Marlowe, as well as an endless parade of sunglasses and a style that could only be referred to as undeadpan. It may also be the most romantic movie of the year, paying tribute to the notion that the centuries-old couple who feeds together stays together.

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