12 Most Overlooked and Oddball Movies of 2014

From non-Hollywood action extravaganzas to hipster-vampire flicks, these movies flew under the radar — and rank among the year's best

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'God Help the Girl'

Stuart Murdoch's years-in-the-making musical about a young woman (Emily Browning) with mental-health issues and rock-band fixations is exactly what you'd expect from the Belle and Sebastian frontman: witty, whimsical, eloquent, melancholy, infectious and intensely blissful. As Browning and her cohorts (musician Olly Alexander and Game of Thrones' Hannah Murray) croon and bop around Glasgow, the movie deftly melds old-school MGM singalong charm with the indie-pop sensibility of Murdoch's day job; more importantly, it also nails what it's like to be a teenager, when hormones are coursing through your bloodstream and the perfect song is capable of becoming a lifeline.

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