12 Most Overlooked and Oddball Movies of 2014

From non-Hollywood action extravaganzas to hipster-vampire flicks, these movies flew under the radar — and rank among the year's best

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'Force Majeure'

Gentlemen, a word of advice: If you find yourself eating lunch with your family at ski resort, it's best not abandon them at the first sign of danger, even if a rapidly approaching avalanche appears to be heading right for you. Swedish filmmaker Ruben Ostlund rakes traditional concepts of masculinity over the coals, as a near-disaster — and subsequent show of when-the-chips-are-down cowardice — turns the world of a middle-class couple upside down. Art-house lovers will dig the formalistic compositions, the chilly feel-bad vibe and the deadpan cringe-comedy; everybody else will find themselves looking at their own marriages or mirror images and hoping they'd take the higher road in the same situation. It also features the greatest male crying scene ever, if you weren't already sold.

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