10 Worst Movies of 2017

From overblown blockbusters to incoherent indies, misguided sequels to (sigh) more Michael Bay – the year's cinematic creme de la crud

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6. 'The Mountain Between Us'

The year's dullest, dimmest, zero-chemistry romance ironically stars two of the most charismatic actors in the business – Kate Winslet and Idris Elba. She’s a photojournalist and he's a neurosurgeon. They're strangers who fall in love when their private plane goes down in a blizzard. So naturally, there's no choice but to have sex by a roaring fire in a convenient cabin that happens to materialize just when the audience gets tired of watching the stars death-march through the blinding snow or duck random cougar attacks. How the skilled Dutch-Palestinian director Hany Abu-Assad (Paradise Now, Omar) found himself at the helm of a tearjerker as noxious as Charles Martin's bestseller is another example of what happens when talent gets distracted – not by art, but by a mirage they see in the form of a large paycheck. Audiences stayed away in droves. 

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