10 Worst Movies of 2014
Various images provided by Paramount Pictures, ©Lionsgate, ©Warner Bros., ©Summit Entertainment/Courtesy Everett Collection, Pure Flix Entertainment

So many movie duds, so little time. The problem with listing the worst movies of 2014 is stopping at 10. I began by flushing those turds no sane moviegoer would see in the first place. I, Frankenstein? Please! I followed by ignoring debacles that wilted in shame on the box-office vine. Paul Haggis, Oscar winner for Crash, how could you conceive something as ponderous as Third Person? And Matt Weiner, creator of Mad Men, I wanted to believe an imposter put his name on the abominable Are You Here?

Instead, my 10 picks for scum-bucket immortality are limited to box-office hits and critical darlings that some people deluded themselves into liking.