10 Movie Characters 'Inspired' by Donald Trump

Never mind Biff from 'Back to the Future' — here are a few other famous Trump-like film roles

Wikus van de Merwe, 'District 9' (2009)

Wikus van de Merwe, 'District 9' (2009)

Sharlto Copley's South African bureaucrat gets the opportunity of a lifetime when a spaceship full of aliens breaks down above Johannesburg and he's put in charge of forcibly relocating them. If filmmaker Neill Blomkamp didn't have Trump in mind when he wrote this modern sci-fi satire (the film came out in 2009, before Trump had heard of Mexicans), he was certainly thinking of people like him — men who see a humanitarian crisis as a political opportunity. We have a feeling that Trump's campaign won't end in the same way that Wikus' did, but man...that would be amazing.

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