10 Movie Characters 'Inspired' by Donald Trump

Never mind Biff from 'Back to the Future' — here are a few other famous Trump-like film roles

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Noah Cross, 'Chinatown' (1974)

Noah Cross, 'Chinatown' (1974)

John Huston's nefarious noir mastermind made a name for himself by trying to annex and irrigate Los Angeles' Northwest Valley. California just happens to be suffering a severe drought during his Presidential run, and regarding some of the other unpleasant things we learn about this character, we should mention that Trump did once say that his daughter Ivanka has "A very nice figure," and "I've said that if she weren't my daughter, perhaps I'd be dating her" (the best/creepiest part about that sentence being the insinuation that he says shit like this all the time). Cross may be too old to have been inspired by Trump, but there's a pretty good chance that Trump sees him as Chinatown's true hero.

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