10 Movie Characters 'Inspired' by Donald Trump

Never mind Biff from 'Back to the Future' — here are a few other famous Trump-like film roles

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Gordon Gekko, 'Wall Street' (1987)

Gordon Gekko, 'Wall Street' (1987)

Oliver Stone's drama about financial bigwigs run amuck debuted in 1987, the same year that Trump unloosed his magnum opus, The Art of the Deal. A work of historical fiction disguised as a self-help book, the book recast the author as a stock-market Sun Tzu, and its success prompted him to extend a flair for fiction into the real world. Gordon Gekko distilled Trump’s entire ethos into one simple phrase that has resounded with him ever since: "Greed is good." Not even Oliver Stone could make a film long enough to show just how far those three words have taken Trump.

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