Negative Creeps: 10 Best Unlikeable Movie Antiheroes

From antisocial boy geniuses to 'God's lonely man' vigilantes, here's a look back at some memorable screen 'heroes' we'd cross the street to avoid

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5. Roger 'Verbal' Kint ('The Usual Suspects,' 1995)

Forget, for a second, that our man Kint may not be all that he's cracked up to be; until Bryan Singer's breakthrough movie decides to drop a bombshell, Kevin Spacey's shuffling, sniveling low-life is the runt of the movie's criminal litter. Remember that Jon Lovitz character "Annoying Man" from Saturday Night Live? Verbal is like a kinder, gentler version of that guy, the sort of person who irritates people simply by taking up space — and next to Gabriel Byrne's former cop-turned-crook, he's the closest thing we have to an audience surrogate among the colorful thieves and cantankerous detectives. Spacey has always shown a knack for playing unnerving (see Seven) but his disabled con man is just uncomfortable enough in his skin to suggest a he's nothing more than a bottom feeder, someone you don't want to be around or pay attention to. It's a great performance, in more ways than one.

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